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Watch Repair

Watch Repair

Watch not running? Is it just not keeping accurate time? Could it be a battery or perhaps it needs parts?

Watchmaking is truly an art of patience, ironically. From servicing a Rolex to replacing a stem and crown on a Citizen watch, taking apart and putting back together a watch takes a great level of skill. From working on Patek Phillipe watches to Seiko’s, we can help you with your needs. Depending on the brand of watch determines if parts are available or if an alternative is possible for replacement parts and cost of the repair.

When a watch is brought in, an assessment is made of what problems the watch may have. Quartz and automatic watches have different movements and need to be assessed in different manners.

Watches can take a good amount of time before understanding what the problem may be due to defective/broken parts or a compromise to the seals on a watch. Though many watches are water resistant, water and chemicals may enter the watch with the break of the seal from opening the watch. A diver’s watch must return to factory to replace batteries, or servicing so the watch can be resealed and guarantee water resistance.

Sending back watches to factory to restore them to factory specs does cost quite a bit more since almost all manufacturers require a complete overhaul of the watch to insure water resistance. Our pricing for these repairs can be less than half of what factory prices would be and is an excellent alternative than sending your watch back to the manufacturer. Sometimes the initial assessment can help you determine if it is worth your time and money to have the watch fixed.

For any questions or more information on the watch services we offer, contact us at 321-777-0093 or at customerservice@florentinejewelry.com

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