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Laser Welding

Laser welding

Laser welding is a technological advancement that almost completely solves all of the problems jewelers in ages-gone-by would encounter when soldering with a torch. Torch welding; the traditional means of mending jewelry creates a great deal of heat in soldering. Too much heat and a good percentage of colored stones can shatter.The laser welds with a pinpoint precision with very little residual heat, making it possible to make repairs without removing nearby stones. Silver jewelry, notorious for absorbing heat is easily mended. Platinum who’s melting temperature is almost level with the temperature where diamond burns can be repaired with no fear of such a thing happening.Costume jewelry can be repaired!

Before the laser, when costume jewelry broke, it meant a trip to the trashcan. Now a good percentage of bijoux and costume jewelry can be fixed for a
reasonable price!

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