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Jewlery Repair

Jewelry Repair

Our 3rd generation Goldsmith and Jewelers do virtually all repairs on the premises. From sizing rings to complete refurbishing and restoration – WE DO IT ALL!

These are just some of the repairs that we offer. Most repairs tend to have a combination of these services, which upon initial take in can establish what needs to take place to repair your jewelry item. When our goldsmith begins work on your repair an inspection is given to determine if more or less work is needed.

If the determination is given that more work is needed our jeweler will take the time to call and give a verbal description of what was determined upon inspection. Silver, Gold, and Platinum jewelry have specific needs when being repaired. The experience and skill of the jeweler is also needed to see a problem before it can cause (for example) either the loss of a stone or of the entire item. Options can sometimes be given to suit your specific problem or jewelry item.

When the agreed upon changes have been made the jeweler will then complete the work in the most timely manner possible. The ordering of parts or additional items is placed and can sometimes cause certain repairs completion dates to be pushed back or sped up. Experience and trust has allowed us to serve our community and customers for over 43 years in Satellite Beach. With three generations of experience we now have four generations of
customers that trust our expertise and friendly customer service.

For more information regarding a possible jewelry repair you may have…please feel free to contact us at 321-777-0093 or at customerservice@florentinejewelry.com

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