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Limits of Liabilities For Appraisal services

The limits & contingencies of liability for our appraisal services are as follows;

1. This appraisal is made at the request of the party named for his/her use. The appraisal provided by the appraiser, who is an employee of Florentine Jewelry is not an indication of title or ownership of the appraised items.

2. Unless expressly stated, the condition of the item(s) appraised is good for its type and genre. Ordinary wear and tear common to this type of item is not recorded.

3. Unless otherwise stated, the weights of all mounted gemstones are estimated by the standards put forth by the Gemological Institute of America ( GIA ) and formulas that are standard to this industry. All measurements are approximate. The actual weight of gemstones when unmounted may be different than the estimated weight by formula. The grading nomenclature used for diamonds, colored gemstones and pearls are those used by GIA as well as any colloquialism commonly used in the jewelry industry. Technical terms and industry slang are used interchangeably in an appraisal and distinguishing between the two should be within the level of knowledge & civil understanding of any competent industry analyst.

4. The quality analysis of gemstones is limited by their mounting and setting styles, lighting conditions, ambient/reflective colors and any or all of which effect the analysis of color grading. Actual quality, color and clarity grade of a gemstone may differ if analyzed in a different light source or out of a mounting.

5. Unless otherwise stated, all colored gemstones are presumed to have been subjected to any number of color enhancement processes. It is within the realm of jewelry industry knowledge that at least seventy five percent (75%) of all stones mined are treated to improve characteristics such as tone & color.

6. By and for reason of minimal profit garnered per appraisal, the appraiser DOES NOT agree to give expert testimony without compensation; Nor does the appraiser agree to appear at any court or hearing. Any post-appraisal consultation with the client or any third parties except under separate and special arrangement will be at an additional fee and billable time. If testimony is ever mandated by United States, Florida State or Brevard County Court subpoena, the client named in the Appraisal shall be responsible for any additional time or expenses incurred by the appraiser. The hourly rate of billable time for our jewelers, appraisers or employees will be no less than ninety five U.S. dollars ( $ 95 ) per hour.

7. The Appraisal is made with the understanding that the Appraiser assumes no liability with respect to any action that may be taken Post Hoc on the basis of this Appraisal. The appraiser, employing party, corporation or its assigns further reserves the right to recall this Appraisal to correct any errors or omissions written herein & such corrections will supersede any earlier drafts, versions or reproductions.

8. Assemblage and hand labor is scarcely ever reflected in an appraisal unless the appraiser has firsthand knowledge of the time and labor involved. ( I.E. The piece was handmade in house.) Estimates of time and man hours cannot be hypothesized within a credible document.

9. Restrictions of liability written on the Appraisal are in addendum to those written herein & specifically in correlation to these aforementioned limits, stipulations and contingencies. It is within the realm of civil understanding that the appraiser and Florentine Jewelry Inc, are two distinct entities & Florentine Jewelry Inc. does not necessarily agree with the views and opinion stated in an appraisal. An appraisal, very simply – speaks for one person’s opinion and that opinion is open to interpretation & can even be wrong. The client understands that they are paying for an appraiser’s knowledge based on experience in the subject matter being appraised & accept all these written conditions with the appraisal.

10. All values on items are estimated for full RETAIL value, but do NOT represent exact replacement quotes.


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