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Appraisals are an important aspect to our heirlooms and treasured pieces. Not only do appraisals help you when insuring your jewelry, but also can be invaluable when settling estates. The market is constantly changing and with it prices and labor costs fluctuate. A ring that was made by hand in 1920 will cost quite a bit more to be made in today’s market. Most insurance companies require an updated appraisal every 5 to 7 years due to this fact.

Appraisals give replacement values for your insurance underwriter to determine your premium. A highly inflated or undervalued appraisal can cost you in more than one way. That’s why who does your appraisal is just as important as the value your jewelry was assessed for. An experienced appraiser can help you navigate the slippery slope of exaggeration and modesty of assessed value. At Florentine Jewelry we do not require you to leave any items. Notes are taken and if at any point more information or inspection is required, you are called and asked to bring the item in for another inspection.

For more information or questions about our appraisal process, please call us at 321-777-0093or email us at customerservice@florentinejewelry.com

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