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The Florentine family traces it’s roots in the jewelry industry to 1938 when Nunzio Armanno, the patriarch of the family, opened up a small jewelry store in Palermo, Sicily. The interesting thing that marks this grand opening was an almost immediate grand closing. In 1943, during the allied bombings of Sicily during World War II Mr. Armanno was forced to close his brick and mortar store and flee for the small town of Barcelona. It took another five years for Mr. Armanno to re-open his store.

In 1948 Mr. Armanno accompanied by his two sons, Salvatore Armanno and Domenico Armanno, restarted his business. During these years he also added the distinction of becoming the appraiser of the Banco Di Sicilia and Banca D’ Italia. The older of the Armanno siblings, Salvatore, married the daughter of a Italian-American missionary and moved to the United States, where he had a successful career as a watchmaker in Closters, New Jersey.

The younger sibling Domenico Armanno stayed by his father’s side in the jewelry retail in Palermo. He also took on a few lines of jewelry as a traveling
jewelry representative. Domenico Armanno succeeded his father after his passing but eventually was urged by his brother to move to the United States.The perfect set of circumstances made this move appetizing to Domenico. At about this time Etna, the volcano that looms over Sicily had erupted violently and there were hundred of people penniless and out of work due to the calamity that ensued. Looking to make a new life for himself and his new wife, Domenico went to New Jersey but hated it.

Two years later Salvatore Armanno moved to Merritt Island, Florida. Probably spurred greatly by John F. Kennedy’s announcement that Cape Canaveral, Fl would be the beating heart of the fledgling space program. He once again called on his brother to join him.

On this second sabbatical, Domenico and his wife fell in love with Brevard County and remained. The brothers worked together briefly at Lawton Jewelers in Merritt Island. Domenico then began work for Kelsey Jewelers in Indian Harbor Beach as the master goldsmith. In a short time thereafter, Domenico opened his own establishment in Satellite Beach.

It is here that he established an almost 50 year presence in Satellite Beach. With over 3 generations of customers served he was widely considered the best and most knowledgeable jeweler on the Space Coast. Mr. Armanno passed away in 2013 and his children continue on in his legacy. Nunzio Armanno, Domenico’s son, is now the master goldsmith and jewelry designer. Amanda Armanno, Domenico’s daughter, is now the Director of Operations and Gemologist for the company.

They are very proud to be third generation jewelers and are happy continuing on the family tradition of quality and

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